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Download e-book for iPad: Anthony Crosland: The Mixed Economy by David Reisman (auth.)

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By David Reisman (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0230374166

ISBN-13: 9780230374164

ISBN-10: 1349397768

ISBN-13: 9781349397761

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It is never safe to pass a final judgement on a career that was brought prematurely to a close: Crosland would almost certainly have succeeded Healey as Chancellor in summer 1977, he would almost certainly have stood against Foot when Callaghan gave up the Leadership in 1980, he might even have led a social-democratic Labour to victory over Mrs Thatcher in 1983. All of this 42 Anthony Crosland: The Mixed Economy is possible. Somehow, however, it is not all equally likely. What is probable is that Crosland would, more than a decade in the wings, have come into his Chancellorship just after his 59th birthday - and that the Party and the nation would thereupon have decided that enough was enough for a clever outsider who didn't really fit in.

158 Crosland was prepared to operate directly in 1965. In 1976 he appears to have had an open mind: anxious about 'even bigger cuts in pub. ', 40 Anthony Crosland: The Mixed Economy concerned that the proposals emanating from Cambridge were supported by 'v. little informed pub. '159 Crosland in 1976 appears to have been unsure: 'Import Controls prob. nee. '160 Unsure or not, at least he took the trouble to assess the alternatives and to form new impressions. His search is particularly creditable when one reflects just how low the probability must have been that the Foreign Secretary would be successful in persuading the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to refuse the medicine that was being prescribed by the IMF.

When Labour came to power in October 1964 the new Prime Minister was informed that the payments deficit was officially expected to be double the figure that outsiders were predicting. An immediate devaluation, blaming the economic situation on the 13 years of Tory rule, was an obvious possibility. It was a possibility which the former President and experienced '49er simply refused to contemplate. '86 The pain was not crowned with gain. 40. Some blamed foreign spivvery and gnomes in Zurich. Crosland had a different explanation: 'Everybody knew the pound was over-valued.

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Anthony Crosland: The Mixed Economy by David Reisman (auth.)

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