Download e-book for iPad: Analyse To Win: Visualising Victory by Byron Jacobs

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By Byron Jacobs

ISBN-10: 0713478047

ISBN-13: 9780713478044

Inspired via Alexander Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster, chess columnist and foreign grasp Byron Jacobs has created a procedure that trains avid gamers to imagine methodically in standard over-the-board occasions. He focuses in particular on aiding them to research correctly and make experience of advanced positions--precisely these features of chess the place video games are gained or lost.

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Will be a problem if Black emerges unscathed. a2) I prefer 16 '6'xa1!? 0-0 (I6 ... bxa3? 17 d5 ! c I , when White has enough fire­ power to get the most from his extra piece (the dark-squared bishop), not forgetting the d-pawn. b) Also possible is 15 '6'xd4, which is much better than capturing on d4 with the bishop because here Black forces the exchange of queens on his own terms. d8 ! th e game i s far from over. Now Black has only two pawns for the piece, and again the dark-squared bishop can operate without fear of being challenged.

B7 transposes and rules out 8 a4 c6, though an ex­ amination of the next note demon­ strates that Black's extra option is nothing to be afraid of. Rodriguez, Lucerne Wcht 1993 White went for ••• Open Catalan: 5... lbb6, 10 d5 ! is good: 10 ... f4 ! xa4 ! with a strong attack, Onat-Kirov, Pernik 1976) 10 d5 ! 'it'c7 !? Ivanov, Beltsy 1 979, and 10 . exd5 1 1 exd5 lbxd5 allows 12 lbxc6) 1 1 lbxc6 lbxc6 1 2 dxc6 'it'xc6 1 3 axb5 axb5, and instead of 14 l:txa8 'it'xa8 15 lbc3 'it'b8 with an unclear position, White first played 14 e5!

Te3/b2, 1 6. e5? txf2+ 18 �g2 bxc6 19 'iVa4 and the less obvious 16 . . te3 ! lDxt2? l:td8 20 'iVc2 ! l:td5 2 1 l:tb3 ! g3 2 2 l:tc 1 ! xh2 2 3 l:txc6+ bxc6 24 'it'a4 in Hjartarson-Hardar­ son, Neskaupsstadur 1 984) 20... g5 (20 ... h4? runs into 21 l:tc 1 ! xg5 ! xh4 23 'iVb2! txh4 l:txh4 25 l:tc 1 ! l:txh2 26 l:txc6+ bxc6 27 ••. ••• w Open Catalan: 5... c5 39 Black's latest material investment leaves him with a rook for a queen, but his raking bishops and king's rook combine to make the h-pawn White's biggest cause for concern.

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