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By George Novack

ISBN-10: 087348018X

ISBN-13: 9780873480185

Marxism is dialectical, Novack explains. It considers all phenomena of their improvement, of their transition from one country to a different. And it truly is materialist, explaining the area as subject in movement that exists ahead of and independently of human realization.


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Zhivkov had granted hard currency export credits to Baghdad, these loans to be repaid with oil. But the international sanctions imposed on Iraq negated this agreement. To compound Bulgaria’s misfortune, further sanctions were imposed on neighbouring Serbia and Montenegro (ex-Yugoslavia) from late 1991 onwards. Yugoslavia was not only an important trading partner but the main route to Bulgaria’s trade with Western Europe. 17 Romania was hardly better off. In 1997 its ministry of foreign affairs claimed Romania had lost $3 billion due to the UN embargo on Iraq and a further $7 billion The balkans after the cold war 30 arising from the loss of trade caused by the conflict involving ex-Yugoslavia (White Book on Romania and Nato 1997: chap.

In 1995, still in charge, he presided over another pre-election spending surge which increased the current account deficit and inflation. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), to which Romania was increasingly indebted, suspended its loan agreement in April 1996. The balkans after the cold war 24 No future-orientated strategy was outlined by a leader who presided over a get-richquick strategy to the benefit of his close associates and his party’s economic allies. The direct cost to Iliescu of irresponsible decision-making was low, thanks to the limited restraint on his power and the weakness of inter mediate bodies in Romanian civil society that might otherwise have mobilised the losers from those policies behind a pro-reform movement.

Such negative characteristics meant that the EU in particular tended to view the region as a monolith, when in fact there were some important national contrasts on display after 1989. Neo-communist retention of power, aided by the manipulation of ethnic tensions, was evident in Serbia and Romania but largely absent in Albania and Bulgaria. The position of political forces intent on rapid integration with Western economic and security institutions was stronger in Bulgaria than arguably anywhere else in the region.

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