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By Ralf Dahrendorf

ISBN-10: 033371959X

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The essays assembled during this quantity are a considerate and full of life statement on Europe after the revolution of 1989. needs to revolutions fail? definitely, the open society has its personal difficulties, now not least that of electorate looking for which means. the great Society has to sq. the circle of prosperity, civility and liberty. Social technology will help us comprehend what should be performed, and intellectuals have a accountability to start up and accompany switch. All this increases questions for Europe which expand a long way past the all too slender confines of the eu Union.

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It was rather to trace some markers in the recent history of the idea of a good society and to illustrate its pitfalls and its ramifications. Fundamentally, I remain an individualist. I have my pangs of doubt about the Great Society like everyone else, but I accept that it is the real modern world. I have no doubts about the Open Society and am prepared to take on all relativists who see it as a rarefied luxury of a minority in a few lucky countries. In one sense, democracy and the market economy are desirable precisely because they are cold projects which do not make any claims on the souls of men and women.

No, but perhaps to a German Civic Foundation which does not yet exist but which might be set up in order to fill the structures of the open society with the lifeblood of civil society. 3 Citizens in Search of Meaning Address given at the Award Ceremony o/the Toynbee Prize at St Antony's College, Oxford, on 20 October 1990 If a social scientist, indeed worse, one whose profession used to be sociology, receives a prize in the name of a great historian, one must be allowed to wonder. Has the social scientist abandoned his ways?

In this context, constitutional patriotism has its place. If one wonders where the older open societies of England and North America find their ligatures, one encounters some rarely discussed phenomena. England was dominated for a long time by a sense of being God's chosen democracy; there are still traces of that feeling. Edmund Burke put this well when he spoke of 'the primeval contract of eternal society'. This is how it is, and no great debate is needed about it. Even the supreme constitutional principle of the 'sovereignty ofthe Queen in Parliament' confirms this consciousness of an unbroken history.

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After 1989: Morals, Revolution and Civil Society by Ralf Dahrendorf

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