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By Lev Psakhis

ISBN-10: 0713488433

ISBN-13: 9780713488432

The French safeguard is still the most well known techniques to take advantage of opposed to White King's pawn commencing; premium grandmasters akin to Korchnoi, Morozevich, Bareev, and brief proceed to perform it with good fortune. Grandmaster Lev Psakhis, a former Soviet champion who has written greatly in this gambit, now indicates how you can counter it. within the moment quantity of his three-part sequence at the French security, he covers the competitive 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 three e5 tactic, in addition to a couple of different "Anti-French" strains, together with the King's Indian assault and alternate diversifications. A wealth of illustrated video games in addition to up to date thought additionally supply useful guideline that may aid chess gamers grasp those successful strategies.

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The openings I cover in Part II of this book are the types of openings that will appeal to you. …e5. By definition, these games are defenses or counterattacks. …e5. Many of the semi-open games are designed to attack the pawn that White has moved onto e4. …Nf6) defenses attack White’s pawn on Black’s first move. …c5 (see Figure 3-3). Black’s intention is to create an imbalanced game. Symmetrical games can make it relatively easy to formulate plans. Asymmetrical games can make it more difficult to do so.

The King’s Gambit appeals to the attacking player who’s unafraid of complicated positions, where the ability to calculate accurately often outweighs skills such as long-range planning. indd 38 6/24/10 6:42 PM Chapter 4: Gambling with Gambits 39 The King’s Gambit accepted By accepting the gambit, Black gains an extra pawn, at least temporarily. Black’s e-pawn, however, moves over to the f-file and loses contact with the center (see Figure 4-2). 8 7 Figure 4-2: When Black accepts the King’s Gambit, he cedes some central control to capture the pawn.

Nh5 Black’s knight protects f4 and intends to sink into g3. Bb5+ With this check, White expects to force Black’s king to move. c6! Black plays in the style that White often uses in the King’s Gambit: sacrifice of material in return for initiative and attack. ) 8 Figure 4-5: Black loses this pawn but calculates that the resulting opening of the position helps him to attack White. Bxc6+ Kf8!? c3 f3 with an attack. Notice the theme of pawn advances on the kingside in order to open lines. Bxa8 Ng3 Black is attacking the rook, and White’s king is wide open to attack, while the pawns on f4 and g4 cover all the key squares on the third rank that White may want to go to.

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