Download e-book for iPad: A theology of ''uncreated energies'' by George S. Maloney

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By George S. Maloney

ISBN-10: 0874625165

ISBN-13: 9780874625165

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The God of traditional, scholastic philosophy has no relevance for secular man. For process theologians: The whole character of traditional theism is defined by an essential one-sidedness or monopolarity. 9 In other words, God's relations with the world are purely external, of a transcendent objective nature, lacking totally any immanent relationship. Process thinkers will admit that traditional theology does speak of God as hav- Page 16 ing real relationships with His creation. God does freely create and judge all things and by His mercy bring everything to its final end.

2. The knowledge which the Christian has of God is religious and existential, not conceptual. It is not to any formal criterion, defined by Aristotle, that one owes the knowledge that God is unknowable, but through a religious experience, which may be in part due to a true understanding of beings, but which equally constitutes a revelation of the living God. 27 The existential ways in which one may "know" God are the keeping of His commandments and above all prayer. "Prayer offers (this union) .

It is also described as a "watchful sleep" or the loss of all the senses and every bodily motion. The expression "vertigo" is used in the Commentary on the Canticle of Canticles and conveys for St. Gregory of Nyssa the same basic meanings as the other expressions. The closeness of the transcendent is not speculative but expresses a real anguish, like that of one on a high cliff, who steps near the edge and finds himself with no footing. Applying the image to the realization of God's presence, St.

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