Download e-book for iPad: A Strategic Opening Repertoire by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

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By John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

ISBN-10: 1888690410

ISBN-13: 9781888690415

This re-creation of A Strategic commencing Repertoire is either revised and elevated. The traces offered the following – according to 1. Nf3, 2.c4 and 3.g3 – will serve a participant good all through his profession as they're in response to good positional rules with an emphasis on knowing instead of memorizing.

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Wd2±; After B.. Ae7 9. Wd2 AdB 1l. Ae2 t::lJ ffi 13. t::lJ xe4 Axe4 16. f3 in case of 16 . . Af5 ( after 16 . . A c2 17. :' xb4 axb4 lB. Wxc2+- White had n o prob­ lems in the game G. Nikolic Subotic, Vrnjacka B anja 1996) White has a concrete solution of 17 . g4 Ag6 1B. lha5! Axa5 19. ±; Very often Black plays B. ffi, not only preventing the white knight from getting to e5, but also preparing some possible ac­ tivity in the centre. In this case after 9. e3 ( the active 9. e4 fol­ lowed by 9 .

E4±. a6 to avoid this sort of disappoint­ ment. e3 ltJc6 (the erroneous move B. . g6? gives White the simple combination 9. ixbB! f5 3. ltJa5 10. 0-0 e6 13J �fc1 l:tcB 14. a4! �xc8 �xcB lB. ;l;; . It's necessity gets obvious from the game Friedman - Vink, Wijk aan Zee 1998, when after 10. 0-0 ltJh5! �h4 g5 13. ltJh2 f5 16. �ac1 h5� Black had good counterplay on the kingside. ltJb5 with 8 . ltJa6=. 8 �e7 ••• The prophy lactic advance 8 . . a6? with the idea to develop the knight on c6, would be ill­ timed now because of 9.

1td3 b5 17. ttJ xf 2 bxc4 1B. 1txd3+ 20. ttJxd3 :d4 21. h3 lUdBc 2 ttJa5xf7 13. W b1 ttJb3 17. \t> a2 ttJa5 IB. b4 ttJc 4 19. ttJxc 4 dxc4 20. 1txc 4g? White obtains an adequate compensation for the m issing material, as it was shown by A.

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A Strategic Opening Repertoire by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

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