Download e-book for kindle: A killer chess opening repertoire by Aaron Summerscale

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By Aaron Summerscale

ISBN-10: 1857445198

ISBN-13: 9781857445190

Bored with the standard openings? apprehensive approximately having to benefit an excessive amount of conception? Then this e-book will come as a godsend. Aaron Summerscale offers a suite of quite harmful starting guns for White. each one steered line relies on an effective positional beginning, but additionally grants long term (and short-term!) attacking percentages. the differences should not simply effortless to profit and play, yet in addition they set Black advanced problems.

* A queen's pawn repertoire in accordance with quick piece development
* unearths many deadly attacking rules and traps
* gains the mythical '150' and Barry Attacks

For this re-creation, the publishers enlisted the aid of hotshot commencing author Sverre Johnsen, who has up to date the insurance the place invaluable, whereas preserving the spirit, appeal and goals of Summerscale's unique paintings. The killer repertoire continues to be effortless to benefit, and is now extra harmful than ever!

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Sample text

Re2 . e3) is answered by 1 2 . . e3 f5 ! xd5 1 5 c d fe wins). xd5 12 f5 13 cd lDe5 14 lDxe5?! f4 (Wedberg) though Black still stands somewhat better: 1 4 . . d4 1 6 0-0-0 1ff6 1 7 litd2 g5! with a dark-squared blockade and use of e5 (Plan: ... lDc5-d7). td4 c6 1 7 litO d6 18 If 1 8 de litfc8 with an attack. lilc5 18 litfdB f6 19 20 fg (60) lit xd6? 20 Correct now was 20 . . lDxd3! 2 1 1fxd3 (2 1 1ff3? lDf2! wins) 2 1 . . g. d2 (with the trap 22 ... xb2?? 23 1ff3) 22 . . "f/e7 23 tro f6 followed by .

Ig7 6 ll:Jf3 ll:\c6 7 ll:\c3 ll:Jgxe5 8 ll:\ xe5 ll:\xe5 9 e3 d6 10 h4! h6 1 1 c5, Schussler-Herrera, H avana 1 985 - The main threat is f4 winning a piece. I n all k nown ga mes Black now played 7 ... g4, the only exceptio n being Lorenz-Greger, West Germany 1 975: 7 . . ie6 14 f4 li:lg6 ( 1 4 . . l ( 1 5 . . 'it>xh8?? id3 ll ae8 ( 1 8 . . xh4?? 1 9 ll xh4) 1 9 e 4 ll f7 20 llde 1 ll:\xh4 ( 20 . . i xf5 l:lxf5 24 ll:Jf6+) 2 1 g3 fe ( 2 1 . . d5 1 -0. 7 g4 The Bishop System 4 J/J4 d6 8 ltJe2 h5 9 ltJf4 Preventing ltJh5, which can be very disruptive as we have just seen.

C5 see the following famous game. 43 10 'tth 5+! g6 Or 1 0 . . c;t;>f8 I I 'ihh4! (but not I I ll:lxh7+? c;t;>g8 ! ) I I . . xg5 with enormous advantage to White. c5? 6 ll:lf3 ll:lh4? 7 f5! Relatively better was 7 . . ll:le7 but n ot 7 . . t'xh I I I ll:lg6+ and wins. g5?? ll:l xf3+) but after the strong reply 8 ll:lg5! Black's disadvantage is already decisive. The knight on h4 is cut off and 8 . . t'd5+ etc. t'e7 8 f6 9 'tlt'g4 Clearly the only move. Black fights ingeniously in a lost position .

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