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By John Nunn

ISBN-10: 1906454256

ISBN-13: 9781906454258

For all chess-players, from newcomers to global champions, from children to seniors, providing checkmate is the best thrill the sport has to provide. the power to identify checkmates is an important ability - and this easy-to-use booklet indicates you ways it truly is performed. With assistance from Grandmaster John Nunn, you'll be able to surprise your subsequent opponent with a dangerous checkmate, no matter if in a faculty fit, a membership match - or perhaps a championship game!By focusing solely on positions from genuine video games, starting from junior occasions to grandmaster encounters, Nunn guarantees that the associates featured are these which come up commonly in genuine existence. He additionally highlights issues and ideas which are usually overlooked in perform. whereas fixing those puzzles, your all-important 'mental library' of styles will develop, resulting in a right away elevate on your taking part in strength.All 1001 puzzle positions were rigorously checked, and are graded via subject matter and trouble. issues are presented for locating the checkmate, so that you can degree your ability. many of the puzzles are compatible for amateur and junior gamers. The final bankruptcy demanding situations you with 'extreme checkmates', yet don't be concerned: you may be prepared for them!

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It>g8 2 l:txd8+ and White mates in two more moves. l:txg8+! 1-0 3 ... 'it>xg8 4l:te8+ 'ii'f 8 5 l:txf8#. ih6#. A. Ledger - Cherniaev Hastings ( wee kend) 2000 1 l:txg8+ 'it>xg8 2 'iVf8+! 'it>xf8 3 l:tb8#. Jasnikowski- Mat. Westphal 2nd Bundesliga 2000/I 1 %txb7! xh8#. 'ii'xb7 Other moves are no better; for example, l ... 'it>g8 2 'ii' h7+ 'iii>f8 3 'ii'h 8+ ll'lxh8 4l:txh8#. ixc5+ 'it>e8 141) N. Bojkovic- L. Zaitseva Yugoslav Team Ch , Cetin je 1992 Black could have mated with the beautiful sequence l.

C2+! 0-1 ••• Black mates after 2 'it>xa2 l:ta8# or 2 'it>b4 l:tc4+ 3 �b5 l:txb2#. 2 h5 g5 0-1 L. Karlsson- V. Gagarin Rilton Cup, Stockholm 2005/6 1 'ifh8+ 1-0 3 h6 g4 4 h7 g3 5 h8'if g2#. 'it>g5 2 'iWh4+ 'it>f5 3 'iff4#. The only move to win. Malfagia- Rotoni Foligno 2008 185) 1 'it>d6 1-0 White has no threat but Black must move his rook away, allowing 2 l:tg6#. 193) T. Fomina- P. Cramling Tallinn ( women) 2006 l. f7+ 2 'it>h6 194) 2 'it>h7 is no different. 2 l:th1+ 0-1 ••• It's mate next move.

Gupta - Z. C. 'it>g5 is met by 3 'ii'f5# or 3 'ii' xe5#. 178) Sultimov - V. ctJe3# and if 3 l:tel , then 3 ... ctJd2#. f2#. 179) Aronian - J. Polgar Mosco w(blitz) 2009 1... 'it>e2! 0-1 1001 DEADLY CHECKMATES 64 Polgar's continuation is the only clear win for Black. Mate is forced after 2 d8'ti' 'iff3+ 3 'it>g I 'ii'f l#. e4#. T. Struik- M. d5+ 'it>f8 2 l:tf6# 189) Ha. Metz- C. 'it>h6 3 g5#. 181) An. Filippov - A. Eminov Agzamov Memorial, Tashkent 2008 1 l:th4+! 1-0 l ... gxh4 2 g4#. 182) Maevsky- Korennoi St Petersburg Club Ch 2008 1 'ifxf8+ 'it>h7 2 'ifh8+!

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